Sigurd wines first started in 2012 with a small portion of Grenache sourced out of McLaren Vale as abit of fun and experimentation.

Since then I have based myself in the Barossa Valley and creating a few different wines to try to keep myself just that little bit busier from my day job....

Take a wander and enjoy the unknown as we are on this journey together




How did Sigurd Wines begin?

Sigurd Wines is based around my great grandfather who spawned from Norway.  I didn’t know the guy but have a photo with my great grandmother which I do not recall (I was possibly only 2 years old.)

I also have his name emblazoned in mine as my middle name, so copped a small amount of grief through high school, but proudly use it as my brand now.

So Sigurd travelled from Norway to find work in Australia back in the early days (He was 19, so around 1914 I think it was) and found the quickest way to become a citizen was to join the army, so was sent over to fight for us. I suppose he was up to a bit of mischief and was caught AWOL after being shot the first time (After he was healed that is) and then sent back to the front lines in France as punishment, this is where he was shot again…. This time in the elbow which made him useless at holding a gun, lucky for me was sent back to Aus.

From what I know he was a pretty mischievous sort of bloke so embodies my personality quite well.

There is more to the story but it will link to the next two labels on the drawing board so wait and see…

And what's My story you ask?

I grew up in a small country town called Yenda, in Southern NSW, where I started off working for a few big guys before heading off to university.

I did my Double degree in Wine/Viticulture at Wagga Wagga, after which I did some extensive travelling to places such as New Zealand (Central Otago), Canada (Okanagan Valley), Portugal (Alentejo), France (Hermitage) and Italy (Barolo),

I then headed back to a big winery in the Barossa for a few years, now with a company reinvigorating a brand (RedHeads studio wines) which is continually growing each year.

I then started up my own label.

All my wines are minimal intervention wines which utilise natural yeasts, no fining and zero additions besides a small amount of sulfur before going to bottle.